1:1 Coaching/Writing Power Hours — Ultimate sessions to flesh out impressions

60-minute 1-on-1 audits, writing sessions, or coaching.

Call recording & write up of my notes delivered post-call.

$155 /h

I will meet you exactly where you are on the copy trail. Together we will work on whatever you want or need my help with. Whether it be ideation, digging deeper into your brand and story, or the technical side of writing, like how to write killer headlines, or how to structure your sales page — or book!

A 1-on-1 session is ideal when —

  • You’re have a new offer and need all the best words to set you up for sales.
  • You’ve iterated so many times that you’re squinting, and you just need a pair of fresh professional eyes.
  • You have a looming launch and need a copy overhaul.
  • You have an inkling that your inconsistent voice or messaging is confusing your audience — and as we all know, confused people don’t take action.
  • It’s time for a website refresh and you need me to bring out my best supplements to boost your pages with nutritious advice on re-wording and tweaking.

I will give you motivation and momentum, but if you at any point feel like Results. Now. I will roll up my sleeves and write it all for you — your choice.

✍🏽 Bring your favorite notebook and choice of drink.

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