Launch & Email Funnel Copy

Custom proposal includes options like:

Landing page, registration page, and thank you page copy and/or coaching

Long-form sales page copy, email nurture, & sales sequences

From $5 000

I’ll be your launch copy maestro, working with your team to orchestrate the perfect timeline, brainstorm captivating hooks, and craft sales copy that’s so persuasive it’ll make your launch a grand opus of success from the prelude to the finale! I’m a seasoned launch copywriter, honed by working on several launches — all touched by human wit and charm.

Because come on, if you’re investing your valuable time and hard-earned cash into building out your launch — from tech stack to offer and hosting platforms — you’ll want to make sure your copy is the life of the party, getting your audience grooving and ready to buy. So let’s make your launch as upbeat and irresistible as a Super Bowl half time show.

Ready, steady, glow. ✨

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