one small Change for You, one giant leap for your Business

Getting ready for takeoff can be a daunting, exciting, apprehensive, hopeful, and even painfully terrifying thing. 

I know this, because when I was made redundant as an agency copywriter, I decided to once and for all carpe my diem, take charge, and captain my own business vessel to shoot for the stars — all in the space of three months.

Why three months?

Frankly, because that’s what I could afford.

I might as well have been training for actual space travel, because let me tell you, starting a business, building a brand, designing a visual identity, creating offers, finding clients, setting up lead magnets, and funnels, a social media presence, and taking crash courses to fill my running-a-business knowledge gap, on top of being a single mom… *phew* I literally feel the blood rushing from my brain just talking about it. 🙃

But you know what? I’ve got grit like you wouldn’t believe.

And those three months of overwhelm, overload, and determination literally skyrocketed my business into orbit. *Removes astronaut helmet and flips hair*

So what can I do for you?

I have worked with global and local brands in everything from skincare and cosmetics to interior design and homeware, to advertising agencies and design studios, to shopping malls and restaurants, to museums and artists, to therapists, coaches, and bodyworkers, to restaurants and fast-food chains, to beer, wine, and spirit brands.

But experience aside — let’s talk about values and purpose, and if mine align with yours.

Sure, I’m a pretty nifty copywriter, so I can write all the salient sales texts, engaging emails, and lavish launch-copy you need, but I’ll be honest: I only want to do that if your passion and purpose go beyond making money — if you believe in what you do.

I believe in creative solutions, equality, self-respect, playlists, a healthy dose of non-conformity, delivering beyond expectations, and in lifting others. 🙌🏼

If you feel that vibe, let me flex all my Swiss army gadgets and get this party started!

Bond with me across platforms for extra hearts 💕

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