Are you a communication Ninja, Navigator, or Nestling ? I made a fun test for you to find out!

Well done! Add up your points and check your results:

13-18 points: Communication Ninja

Whoo, you got mad skillz! Your communication game is strong, and you know how to listen, connect, engage, and influence your audience with the precision of a master sensei. Were you completely honest when answering the questions? I know you’re here for a reason, so what part of your communication are you looking to knock out of the park? Get in touch and let me know!

7-12 points: Communication Navigator

Yes, you’re out there braving a whole sea of communication! And steering the ship is not an easy task. Sometimes the sea storms, but even calm waters can be treacherous and run you aground. With some pinpoints on your map though, navigating all kinds of communication will become as effortless as simply going with the flow. If you’re ready to set sails, get in touch!

1-6 points: Communication Nestling

So you need some help in the communication department, but you’re far from alone! Many successful entrepreneurs lack the skills or confidence to say what they mean in a way that gels with their audience. So they find ways around it. But if you’re ready to create a rock solid brand and long-term connections built on trust, there are simple strategies and techniques you can learn to spread your communication wings and soar like the mighty eagle you were always meant to be! Drop me a line to learn more!

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