I’ll work with you to make your copy work For you

I grew up dancing ballet so I’m all about flexibility. There are lots of different ways we could work together — short or long term — and below are some ideas to give you a sense of what’s available and possible. But do get in touch with your specific needs and wishes. I also used to be a waitress, so service is my forte.

A high-value offer with weekly live sessions and customized content creation to clarify messaging, develop a strong brand story, and optimize your communication.


✒️You’re done overpaying an agency for outdated, complicated, and slothy work structures, and prefer a streamlined and customized clear path forward with a former-agency-turned-entrepreneur copy whizz who knows all the tricks of the trade but efficiently cuts out the highbrow, long winded processes.

✒️You know the real value of effective communication — one that pierces through the noise like the Big Ben chimes and makes an actual, measurable impact. 

✒️You struggle with overwhelm, lack of structure, or inconsistent messaging that doesn’t resonate with your ideal client.

✒️You want a seasoned pro to build or fortify your communications foundation, so that you can spend your time doing what you do best.

✒️The idea of a 6 month process with weekly check-ins, to move you from whatever letter you’re stuck on to that zenith of “Z”, literally makes your body zing.

$12 000 / 6 months

60-minute sessions to find your voice, boost your brand, and make your stories sizzle.


✒️You feel lost or confused about what to say, you need to organize your messaging, lead magnets, email funnel, hooks, main points, or ideas.

✒️You’re second guessing your brand voice, and need help to map out and navigate the route from how you want to be perceived to how your audience perceives you.

✒️You want to up your copy game and hone your writing, so that you will likely, probably, maybe never need to pay a copywriter ever again.

✒️You want to understand the concept of engaging, converting copy, and find the creative, expressive, and personal address that changes your communication-game forever. (Forever-ever? Forever!)

✒️You think I’m the right fit for your business, but you want to try the collaboration on for size.

$155 /h

A high-level strategy & copywriting service to cook up selling spells and magic marketing.

(Kidding, it’s not magic, it’s a brilliant blend of neuroscience & storytelling.)


✒️ You’re planning to launch a new product or service to your target audience.

✒️ You need to create a new funnel, or to resuscitate an existing one (live launch or evergreen).

✒️ It’s high time to bring in an experienced professional with a track record of helping businesses get brilliant results.

From $5 000 Typically a 6 week turnaround process

A heavy-weight copywriting service to strengthen your brand and let your website work hard when you’re busy elsewhere.


✒️ It’s time to restock your website like you would the fridge: throw away the forgotten and moldy bits, do a deep clean, create a designated area for each category, and fill it with appealing, nutrient-rich, and high quality content.

(Or at the very least, tweak it to allow for more and better entertainment.)

✒️ You’ve understood the value of a concise, clear, and personality-filled origin story that positions your brand as the no-brainer choice for your ideal client.

You’re rebranding, and need your tone of voice, messaging, and copy structure to fit your new look like a latex catsuit. (Meow!)

From $4 400 Typically a 5 week turnaround process

Anna, could you sharpen your pencils?

All cards on the table: someone on fiverr will work for way less than what you’ll pay a nimble-fingered copywriter like me. But it will be a date at McDonald’s.

And McDonald’s is darn tasty, right? 🍔


I know that if you’re looking to impress your date, raise your vibe, get health-boosting ingredients, and create a solid foundation for them to trust and like you

You’ll choose a whole different meal at a way better restaurant.

Because the quality and experience you’ll get is another level altogether. And everything that happens after will be too.

So when you ask me to sharpen my pencils, you’re in the wrong establishment (and frame of mind) my friend, because my pencils are as sharp as master chef knives. 😘

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